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New Rising Publishing

NEW RISING PUBLISHING is dedicated to publishing high-quality books, from fiction to non-fiction for writers with unique and creative stories.  We are proud to announce our first publication, entitled “The Funk Queen” “An Underground Railroad to The Funk.” Author, Dawn Silva is one of those extra singing clones mentioned above, as well as a former member of Parliament-Funkadelic and original lead singer for The Brides Of Funkenstein. 

In 2011, The Library of Congress added The Mothership Connection Album to its National Recording Registry, noting the album had an enormous influence on Jazz, Rock, and dance music, additionally, Rolling Stone Magazine listed it in the top 500 greatest albums of all time. After forty years time has not tarnished this music, and in fact, is still, one of the most viable funk offerings today.  But who were those extra singing clones and funky fictitious characters that put the “P” in the P-funk?  Perhaps there were far too many to mention, thus often overlooked by critics and journalists alike; but not anymore…..

Unless you are an avid funk-follower little is known about powerful black Women In Funk Music, and their contributions. Billboard Magazine featured Dawn Silva’s independent CD on their top R&B charts, giving her rave reviews, – unheard of for an independent artist who was not backed by any major recording labels.   

Silva’s Autobiography fits our criteria of an exceptional and empowering true life story while recognizing the vital involvement and challenges of a black woman in the development and progression of funk music.  Her story is like no other – so buckle up, and take a ride on the Underground Railroad to the Funk – with The Funk Queen.  

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