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Book Description:


This true story is no longer Funk’s Best Kept Secret. It is a story of survival and persistence, a tale of a courageous woman who stood against the male-dominated music industry and never backed down; no matter how often she was knocked down, each time, she would rise stronger and better than before.  

After two decades, Dawn Silva, written to be a Funk Diva of epic proportions, comes out with one of the most honest and exploratory music-industry autobiographies you will ever read.  Silva takes her readers on a journey around the world, and back, beginning with her rich heritage, and the trials and tribulations of a black child growing up in America during the mid 50’s and ’60s, to her defiant stint with the Black Panthers in the early ’70s in Oakland, California, to the mid-’90s performing in front of a quarter of a million people on a sandy beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil. Yes, Dawn was meant to sing and dance.  Her musical pathway blossomed after meeting and recording with legendary icon Sly Stone at the height of his career, and later touring and recording with one of the greatest funk bands of all time, Parliament-Funkadelic.

So……, in a world that strives for success, why would a management company deliberately sabotage its most successful female recording artists? Especially after they were winning back-to-back music awards, with chart-topping records, and had a trademark sound that sold millions.  

Long before the 2018 #MeToo Movement, there was the story of a rebellious American female recording artist who escaped an era of subjugated institutions, misogyny, and physical and mental abuse, beating the odds and recapturing a worldwide underground cult following. 





Sample pages from “The Funk Queen”

Weight:  6 pounds ~ 1 oz

Pages:   544 (Five-Hundred-Forty-Four)

Chapters:  Fifty-One

Photos:  Over 300 ~ Black/White ~ Color ~ Classic Memorabilia & Graphic designs

“The Funk Queen” is a limited edition.  Only 1,500 books are available; once we reach our

goal and sell out, this classic autobiography will no longer be available at this price.  

A funk queen poster and a customized book marker are included in this book shown below.  

Why? Just for the Funk of it. Click the link above and order your copy today.  Thank-you

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